Added A New Section

I have recently added a brand new section — Graphic Design.

I’ve always been interested in graphic design work.  My first exposure was doing a project in high school where I drew a cave man on my Commodore 64.  The cave man played a central role in the program I wrote that taught the principles of flight to other high school physics students.  I have been told that my physics teacher continued to use that program for several years after I went on to college.

My second exposure to graphic design was while working at the Wellington, Dufferin, Guelph Health Unit.  I designed many pamphlets for the various departments within the Health Unit.  We used Corel Draw and Page Maker.  Before I started, they would physically cut and paste the bits of the text and pictures together and run them through the photocopier.  I like to think I showed them a better way.

After that, it was on to ComDev.  That involved a huge amount of technical drawing using MS Visio.  During that time, I spent some time creating some line drawings of the various test equipment we used for the test rack drawings.  It was satisfying work and I enjoyed doing it.

So, when I found, I thought I’d give it a shot.  So far, I’ve submitted one design.  It didn’t get picked, unfortunately, but it was fun to do.

I think I’ll continue to submit designs to this site.  I’m finding it entertaining so far.


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