Two more sleeps until Halloween!

My kids are really pumped about it this year.  We have a family theme going — Matthew is dressing up as Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, the Disney Channel effort to bring Peter Pan to a new demographic), Jacob is going to be Peter Pan and Zachery is going to be Captain Hook.  The best part, they all chose these costumes themselves!

Perhaps we’re bad parents, or perhaps my kids are weird, but they don’t want to watch movies.  We offer to take them to the cinema to see a film and they decline it.  We have resorted to telling them they are going to see a movie (like we did with The Lorax) and afterwards, they always say the enjoyed it and are always enthralled with the film.

Also, they don’t want to watch movies on TV, either.  Last year, when we were driving to Florida, I made them watch the original Peter Pan.  They complained, but, once the movie started, the LOVED it.  Of course, I forgot how politically incorrect the film is by today’s standards (look at how they portrayed Native Americans in the film!)  But, they did enjoy the film.

So, when it came time to choosing costumes, they all wanted to go to Neverland.

Unfortunately, it meant the Disney Store got a good chunk of our cash again this year.  Oh well, the price of having children, I guess.


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