Christmas Is Over For Another Year

Welcome to 2013!  Take that, you Mayans!

But, seriously, I’m pretty glad they were wrong.  I found it interesting that so many people really believed that the Mayans had it right.  It got to the point where I had to explain to my kids that it wasn’t true, the world wasn’t going to end, that the Mayans did not know anything we don’t know.

But…  we made it through that and got to Christmas.  Good times.  We are not so much into giving ‘stuff’ to our kids for Christmas — we would much rather give them memories and time with the family.  To that end, the past two years we have taken the kids to Disney for Christmas.  This year, though, we took them to the Great Wolf Lodge.

For the most part, it was a good time.  However, on New Years Eve, our youngest was not well.  I was worried that the hotel would think we had partied too much and ‘soiled’ the bed — so I made sure to tell them that the four year old was sick, not me:)

Oh well.  Other than that, the trip was fun.  It wasn’t Disney, that’s for sure, but the kids did enjoy it.

They did do one thing that I have been saying for a long time — they offered us a deal on our next trip with them that was about half price!  It was so tempting, we booked it before we left.  I think that all businesses can learn something here — treat your existing customers better than you treat your new customers.  So many businesses (read Bell Canada) seem to think that getting new customers is better than retaining existing ones.

Oh well.  We’re going to be going back to Great Wolf Lodge… and we’re not using Bell Canada.

At anyrate, all that is as it is…  what I really wanted to say was “I hope everybody has a great 2013!”



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