My Riding Lawnmower

When we moved out to the country, I had to buy my first riding lawnmower.  Everybody I talked to said “Go to the local place and get one that they service there”.

So, I went to the local tractor place and got me a big riding lawnmower.  It’s a big monster — 25 horsepower, 54 inch cutting deck…  I want to grunt like Tim Allen whenever I talk about it.  It’s orange, too!  Made with pride in America, no less.

Unfortunately for me, it has been trouble almost since I got it.  The first mowing was okay, but the second time I ran it, it seemed to be really getting bogged down in any kind of grass.  I got a grease gun and added some grease to the mower deck hoping that might help it out, but no, the next time, it was worse.  I couldn’t get it to cut anything.  I called up the dealer and they came and took it back to the shop.

They ‘cleaned out the fuel system’ and brought it back.

It didn’t work any better.  I called them and they came again to get it.

This time they adjusted the ‘deck’ because it was pitched slightly forward.

Really, said I?  That’s crazy.

It didn’t work any better.

This last time they kept it for a week and gave me a “loner” to cut my grass.  That one worked well.

So, now it’s back.

They had to adjust the ‘float’ in the carburetor.  Apparently it was running too rich and causing the problem.  I, needless to say, remain a skeptic.

I   have just finished mowing the lawn.  It ran pretty good.  Cut the grass like it’s supposed to.  It could be that they have fixed everything and this was the problem the whole time.

The problem is that I’m very much paranoid about it now?  It’s like when you sprain your ankle, you’re always over cautious about using it?  I believe that I’m going to be overly concerned about this machine for the rest of it’s existence.  Any little thing that goes on is going to make me jump right over the top.  And, I’m afraid that I’m going to have more problems and more problems until the warranty runs out and then I’m going to have to start paying to fix a problem.

I got to thinking about what would alleviate me of this first world burden…  The first thing would have been that they send it back to the factory and give me a brand new one.  If there was something seriously wrong with it, say it needed the engine reconstructed, then I would not want that mower — I bought a ‘new’ machine, not a factory refurbished machine.

Therefore, it had to be a small problem.  Which, I guess it has turned out to be.  The problem is that I’m not convinced that it’s fixed.  I don’t know what’s involved in ‘fixing the float’ in the carburetor.  Maybe if I knew that I’d feel better, but probably not.

At least the dealer has been pretty good about picking it up and dropping it off right at the house.

I just wish that they had fixed this the first time around… or better yet, there was no problem.


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  1. Hey Farmer Greg! Look at the big lawn mower under Greg!

    It is just the way things go dude. No one knows how to set up things like a “carburetor” anymore. That reminds me of Randy Wright’s lazy Rx7. Fuel issues too. I’ll bet it runs for years without much effort -trial by fire.

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