I’m Not ‘That Guy’

I found out something about myself last night that I am not real proud of.  Maybe that’s too strong of a phrase, maybe disappointed would be a better way to describe my feelings.

Allow me to explain.  Have you ever watched a movie where a guy goes to visit with his terminally ill buddy?  And they end up sitting in the hospital laughing at all the great times they had, telling stories about the crazy adventures and hitting on the nurses?  Well, I found out last night that I’m not ‘That Guy’.  I really wanted to be ‘That Guy’, but I’m not.

It turns out that I’m the guy who shows up and immediately can’t speak.  I’m the guy who starts blinking repeatedly as soon as he sees one of his best friends with tubes coming out of him, slowly raising a spoon full of soup to his lips as if it’s the most heavy thing in the world.


I’m the guy who is very glad his buddy’s sister is there to distract him from the raw pain that he’s experience.  I’m not the guy who can ‘take it like a man’, apparently.

When given some alone time with his friend, I’m the guy who can barely gurgle out “I love you” while hugging his sick friend.  And, it turns out that I’m the guy who’s very sick friend has to comfort!

I really wanted to be the other guy.

I should know better though.

It turns out that I’m also the guy who can’t write a blog post about this st

uff without sobbing like a baby.

Well, that’s enough of my poking at this very fresh emotional wound.  Maybe in time, when it scabs over, I can pick at it some more.  But until then, this is enough.



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4 responses to “I’m Not ‘That Guy’

  1. dave b

    Awsome, I’m glad you aren’t that guy dude… that’s why you’ll always be my buddy.

    It is hard to be all the way out here knowing what is going on there. Great friends always make you feel good no matter what and Braz has cornered the market on that one. That is why I’m proud to be included in his eclectic list list of friends… Inspired and Inspiring.

  2. Don’t be hard on yourself. Everyone deals with things differently and no one’s satisfied with the way they do it. I am the type that laughs and I feel like a jerk for it. People give you the most evil looks when you can still laugh. As if you don’t care.
    Long story short. There’s nothing wrong with the way you handle situations like this. You’re there for your friend as well as you can be and that’s what matters. Allow yourself to be human. 🙂
    P.S. best wishes for your friend.

  3. Tim

    Thinking of you and your friend Greg. Take care buddy.

  4. Glenda Noseworthy

    Be proud you’re not “that guy” little brother. “That guy” doesn’t have half of what it takes to be truly touched by the genuine love of another human being. “That guy” is generally only concerned with sheltering his own fragile emotions, and does so by hiding behind bravado and some false sense of “manliness”.
    You are ‘that other guy” … the one who loves his friends and family as passionately and completely as we love you. And you’re not afraid to show it, even when the pain cuts deep into your very soul. You are “that other guy” who models true manhood…no, let me say you model true humanity for your three little boys who will one day grow up and not be “that guy” either.
    In January, I was the one comforted by my dying friend, Debbie. I guess I’m not “that girl” … Love you more than words can say.

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