Linux Mint

I have recently taken the plunge into the Linux world.  I can say that our house is completely Windows free.

It was pretty scary at first.  When you’re a tech guy, a big change like this can really shake things up.  But, we’ve been here and all seems pretty good.  There is nothing that we have wanted to do that we can’t do with our computers.

So, what are the advantages of switching to Linux, you ask?  Well, right away, the first one is that it’s free and all the software I’ve gotten is free, too.  It’s amazing, the open source movement is almost overwhelming!  Programs like Libre Office and GIMP amaze me.  I think I’ll write something about those to programs later.  If you’re interested, they are worth googling.

Second advantage I’ve found is that Linux runs faster than Windows.  This means that I can use my computers longer.  I really like this as it means that I’m putting less technology into the landfills.  It’s a fantastic feeling.

Thirdly, and this is actually the first reason I switched — there are no viruses for Linux.  I browse with impunity, without a virus scanner and without worry.

Now, this is not without some issues.  I can’t run all the software that everybody else does — for instance, iTunes is not available.  Not to mention, this change is not for those who are afraid to leave the net of Microsoft behind them.

If you have had enough of virus scanners, slowing computers, and expensive software, then I encourage anybody to take the plunge to Lniux.  It’s worth it.


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