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Ontario’s Sex Ed Curriculum

I recently found a site on Facebook called “Parents Against Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum”.  This group, for some reason, seems to be very much against the new Sex-Ed Curriculum…  So, I tried to figure out why… and I wrote about it… and I posted it to this site.  It should be interesting to see the responses I get.  I’ll post them here…


Hello all. Sorry, but this is going to be a bit of a long post… I hope you stay with me on this… there are some concerns here.

According to a Global News summary of the new Sex-Ed curriculum…

Grade 1: Identify body parts, including genitalia, using correct terminology. Recognize caring behaviours and exploitive behaviours.

– This is despicable. I want my children to only use the terms “woo-hoo” and “ding-dong” when referring to their genitals. As well, if they know the difference between exploitive and caring behaviours, they may start to think that there is a problem the relationship I have with my wife.

Grade 2: Outline the basic stages of human development. Identify related bodily changes. Explain the importance of standing up for themselves. Describe how to relate positively to others and behaviours that can be harmful in relating to others, including both online and face-to-face name calling.

– I almost fell into the trap of thinking this was going to teach our children about puberty at way too young of an age, but when I read the curriculum, it talks only of classifying the stages of life… such as ‘baby’ to ‘child’ to adolescent’ to ‘adult’. Like you, I think this should be talking about puberty…. my kids need to know what’s going to happen to their woo-hoo and ding-dong.

Also, let’s be clear — my kids are to be seen, not heard. I want them to _not_ stand up for themselves.

Grade 3: Identify the characteristics of healthy relationships, including those with friends, siblings and parents. Describe how visible differences, such as skin colour, and invisible differences, including gender identity and sexual orientation, make each person unique. Identify ways of showing respect for differences in others. Develop safety guidelines for Internet use.

– Healthy relationships with friends, siblings and parents?? Come on, let’s get real here. And, hey, let’s make sure we keep all those who are different from us as far away as possible… this way, we can dehumanize anybody who has a different skin colour, gender identity, sexual orientation, or whatever makes anybody unique.

Grade 4: Describe the physical changes that occur at puberty, as well as the emotional and social impacts. Demonstrate an understanding of personal hygienic practices associated with the onset of puberty. Identify risks associated with communications technology and describe how to use them safely. Describe various types of bullying and abuse and identify appropriate ways of responding.

– My kids are going to learn about puberty the same way I did — by having it happen unexpectedly in a terrifying, shameful way.

Also, what do the schools have to do with bullying? Isn’t it our responsibility as parents to ensure that our children can dominate any situation and their peers?

Grade 5: Identify the parts of the reproductive system. Describe the processes of menstruation and spermatogenesis. Describe stresses related to puberty and identify strategies to manage them. Explain how a person’s actions, either in person or online, can affect people’s feelings and reputation, including making sexual comments and sharing sexual pictures.

– What does a 12 year old need to know about puberty for? Let the kids be kids… and if any of these kids start to go through puberty at this time, then they should be shunned and bullied as the children learned in Grade 4.

Grade 6: Identify factors that affect a person’s “self-concept,” for example stereotypes, gender identity and body image. Describe how to lay a foundation for healthy relationships by understanding changes that occur during adolescence. Assess the effects of stereotypes on social inclusion and relationships.

– At the age of 13 a child, specifically girls, should be reading fashion magazines and forming their own body opinions based on that information.

Grade 7: Explain the importance of understanding with a partner about delaying sexual activity and the concept of consent. Identify common sexually transmitted infections and describe their symptoms. Identify ways of preventing STDs and unintended pregnancy. Assess the impact of different types of bullying or harassment, including sexting.

– This is the time for sexual experimentation. Let the kids be kids, for God’s sake. Delaying sexual activity? Why would we teach that? This Liberal government and it’s extreme Left Wing agenda…

Grade 8: Identify and explain factors that can affect decisions about sexual activity. Demonstrate an understanding of gender identity and sexual orientation. Demonstrate an understanding of contraception and the concept of consent. Analyze the benefits and risks of relationships involving different degrees of sexual intimacy.

– I think 15 years old is way too young to be talking about sexual activity. These kids should be shamed into hating themselves and the feelings they have.

Also, if any kid is having problems with their “sexual identity” there are plenty of ‘re-education camps’ that they can be sent to… I don’t care if those things have been proven not to work, it just means that those kids are wimps.

You know, forget it… I’m going to tell my wife’s going to home school our kids.

Obviously I’m joking about this…. however, if you’ve stayed with me on this, what is it, specifically, that people disagree with? Is it teaching kids to respect themselves and others, despite their differences?

I mean, do you want your children learning about sexuality from some VERY graphic pornography they got off the internet?


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Linux Mint

I have recently taken the plunge into the Linux world.  I can say that our house is completely Windows free.

It was pretty scary at first.  When you’re a tech guy, a big change like this can really shake things up.  But, we’ve been here and all seems pretty good.  There is nothing that we have wanted to do that we can’t do with our computers.

So, what are the advantages of switching to Linux, you ask?  Well, right away, the first one is that it’s free and all the software I’ve gotten is free, too.  It’s amazing, the open source movement is almost overwhelming!  Programs like Libre Office and GIMP amaze me.  I think I’ll write something about those to programs later.  If you’re interested, they are worth googling.

Second advantage I’ve found is that Linux runs faster than Windows.  This means that I can use my computers longer.  I really like this as it means that I’m putting less technology into the landfills.  It’s a fantastic feeling.

Thirdly, and this is actually the first reason I switched — there are no viruses for Linux.  I browse with impunity, without a virus scanner and without worry.

Now, this is not without some issues.  I can’t run all the software that everybody else does — for instance, iTunes is not available.  Not to mention, this change is not for those who are afraid to leave the net of Microsoft behind them.

If you have had enough of virus scanners, slowing computers, and expensive software, then I encourage anybody to take the plunge to Lniux.  It’s worth it.

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I’m Not ‘That Guy’

I found out something about myself last night that I am not real proud of.  Maybe that’s too strong of a phrase, maybe disappointed would be a better way to describe my feelings.

Allow me to explain.  Have you ever watched a movie where a guy goes to visit with his terminally ill buddy?  And they end up sitting in the hospital laughing at all the great times they had, telling stories about the crazy adventures and hitting on the nurses?  Well, I found out last night that I’m not ‘That Guy’.  I really wanted to be ‘That Guy’, but I’m not.

It turns out that I’m the guy who shows up and immediately can’t speak.  I’m the guy who starts blinking repeatedly as soon as he sees one of his best friends with tubes coming out of him, slowly raising a spoon full of soup to his lips as if it’s the most heavy thing in the world.


I’m the guy who is very glad his buddy’s sister is there to distract him from the raw pain that he’s experience.  I’m not the guy who can ‘take it like a man’, apparently.

When given some alone time with his friend, I’m the guy who can barely gurgle out “I love you” while hugging his sick friend.  And, it turns out that I’m the guy who’s very sick friend has to comfort!

I really wanted to be the other guy.

I should know better though.

It turns out that I’m also the guy who can’t write a blog post about this st

uff without sobbing like a baby.

Well, that’s enough of my poking at this very fresh emotional wound.  Maybe in time, when it scabs over, I can pick at it some more.  But until then, this is enough.


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7 Line Portrait

A long time ago, I came across a web site encouraging people to post 7 line portraits of themselves.  This intrigued me greatly.  There was some amazing pictures that people did.  Some were very detailed with very long lines, others had simple, short lines.  It reminded me of that old Police album, Ghost In The Machine where the three band members are represented by some 7 segment LED type things.

This really boils the portrait down to what the minimum information you need to convey the image of a person.

I got to searching for the 7 Line Portrait gallery this morning and I couldn’t find it!  I guess it has been removed.  So, in honour of that, I decided to try my own hand at the 7 line portrait.

Here it is.

What do you think?


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