Community Involvement

Update Update!!

So, Jacob and Zachery are now in Cubs at 1st Binbrook and Matthew is now Beavers!

So, why does this merit an update?  Well…  I have manged to get myself into the role of Beaver Leader (they call me Silver Back) and a Cub Leader (they call me Keego) AND a Venture Adviser!

So, my lucky wife doesn’t see me for thee nights out of the week now… not to mention the camps and other extra curricular activities.

As you may know, Scouts like badges.  I have a great one that says “Volunteer for Scouts — it’s only an hour a week” and the picture is of a couple of guys rolling on the ground laughing.  I should find it and scan it.  Another one I have says “Stop me before I volunteer”.  I like that one, too.

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