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Playing Games With 7 Year Olds

Tonight we decided to play the card game “Asshole” with our children.  Naturally, we didn’t call it “Asshole”, we called it “President”.

In case you are unfamiliar with the game, the idea is that you try to get rid of your cards.  The first person to do so is the “President” for the next round.  The last person is the “Asshole” (or “Loser” if you’re playing with 7 year olds).  The next round, the “Loser” has to give the “President” his or her best two cards and the President returns the favour by giving back two cards (usually the worse two cards).

So, we played, the kids were excited.  Apparently, they have played this game on their DS’s so they knew how the game was played.  Of course, they don’t grasp the finer strategies behind the game and the twins ended up being the “Loser” and “Vice-Loser”.

Poor Zachery didn’t take this title very well.  He got pretty upset.  He lamented to me that the game was “unfair”.  The President just got all the good cards and the “Loser” got crap.

Of course, he is right.  It’s like that with all games.  Come to think of it, it’s like that in the real world, too — the rich get richer and everybody else suffers.

Oh well, I told him that when we played next, we’d start off with him being the “President” and I’ll take on the “Loser” role.

I’m predicting that when I knock him off the president seat he’ll be ever more upset, though.



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