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Fall’s Here, Time To Start Thinking About Winter

Well, as some may know, we have recently moved out of the big city into the country. It’s awesome — we went from a small house to a huge house… from a decent back yard, to a huge 2 acre back yard.

However, it’s not all peaches and cream… there is a price to be paid for this. We have to order our water to be delivered to our cistern, and that’s not much fun. It really is bad when the cistern runs dry. It’s an all day event to get it going again. When the car breaks down, it can be a serious pain to get it fixed in a timely fashion when they have to order parts for my ‘exotic’ car…

But the worst is the fact that we don’t have cable. The antenna works fine until it rains. And the satellite internet is okay until it rains.

Over all, though, I think the pros out weigh the cons.

But, we need to get ready for Fall… or Winter, really. I have alot of things to do around the house. There’s maintenance that needs to be done and we’re running out of race track.

So, what needs to be done? Well, I have to paint all the trim around the windows, fix some broken siding, patch a hole in the facade of two of the pillars on the porch, put the kids’ pool away, mow the lawn, put the patio furniture away, clean out the garage and burn all the broken bits of wood that I have collected over the summer. Oh, and that reminds me, I need to get some cinder blocks to complete my fire pit.

So much to do…

And none of it’s going to happen this weekend… my dance card is full again this weekend.

Oh well.

We’ll get done what we can get done. With a little luck, the important stuff will get done before the snow flies… oh, that reminds me, I need a snowplow blade for my lawn tractor:)


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